“My daughter was a normal healthy child until 3.5 years old. At 4 years old was having daily trouble getting dressed, putting on shoes or pants. She also had trouble sleeping and was an extremely picky and limited eater. Her dressing tantrums were so debilitating to our family, we were all stressed, tired and frustrated.

We found Ready Set GO Therapy, and within 2 months of weekly therapy appointments our child was wearing shoes. It was a huge break through. Our therapist was thoughtful, and so understanding. She treated our child with amazing patience and kindness and she responded. We were given techniques to use at home and even visits to her school.

We feel so grateful to our therapist at Ready set go. Our child always looks forward to going to therapy and has grown so much since we started. While sensory processing and tactile defensiveness are tough, we have learned so much and made such progress, we could have never done on our own. We would highly recommend their services and feel lucky to have found Ready Set Go Therapy.”

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