Mark Lawler, MD

“I can’t say enough about Ready Set Go Therapy. They are life savers! I have three boys, all of whom have been clients at Ready Set Go; however, my oldest was the most dramatic story. We were at a loss as to what was happening to him at an early age. We were luckily referred to see the occupational therapists at Ready Set Go where he had a thorough evaluation. After the evaluation I was skeptical, to say the least, especially having never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder (not as a parent or throughout my medical training). After a detailed explanation and some research, my son’s behavior was explained and made crystal clear. I was amazed that it all made sense and explained everything. After treatment, he was a completely different child. My other two children have attended the clinic and my youngest still does. Our family owes a lot to Ready Set Go and I can’t thank them enough! We were one of their very first patients and have referred countless other families over the many years. We always hear the same: Ready Set Go Therapy changed their family’s life, just like they did ours!”

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