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“My daughter was a normal healthy child until 3.5 years old. At 4 years old was having daily trouble getting dressed, putting on shoes or pants. She also had trouble sleeping and was an extremely picky and limited eater. Her dressing tantrums were so debilitating to our family, we were all stressed, tired and frustrated.

We found Ready Set GO Therapy, and within 2 months of weekly therapy appointments our child was wearing shoes. It was a huge break through. Our therapist was thoughtful, and so understanding. She treated our child with amazing patience and kindness and she responded. We were given techniques to use at home and even visits to her school.

We feel so grateful to our therapist at Ready Set GO. Our child always looks forward to going to therapy and has grown so much since we started. While sensory processing and tactile defensiveness are tough, we have learned so much and made such progress, we could have never done on our own. We would highly recommend their services and feel lucky to have found Ready Set GO Therapy.”



“My son’s sensory and self-regulation issues were becoming more amplified. He was struggling in school and in day-to-day life. Tasks that were seemingly easy for his peers were difficult for him, such as throwing and catching a ball, balancing on a sidewalk curb, and having big reactions to what seemed to be a small problem.

Weekly sessions at Ready Set GO Therapy have been an amazing bridge to helping him become a more confident, coordinated, and happy boy! Now, he is thriving in every aspect of his young life. He is continuing to gain more tools to get though challenging situations — the key that will benefit him as he gets older. If there is one thing that he looks forward to every week, it is his sessions at Ready Set GO Therapy!”



Connecting with Ready Set GO is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my son! His therapists are experts who inspire positive social interaction and excel at making therapy fun. My son is joyful about his weekly sessions and his balance, fine motor, speech and communication skills continue to improve with every visit. Equally importantly, his experiences at Ready Set GO have contributed to his confidence, independence and success in school. I’m grateful for such a wonderful company of therapists and highly recommend Ready Set GO to anyone hoping to improve the life of their child.


“I can’t say enough about Ready Set Go Therapy. They are life savers! I have three boys, all of whom have been clients at Ready Set Go; however, my oldest was the most dramatic story. We were at a loss as to what was happening to him at an early age. We were luckily referred to see the occupational therapists at Ready Set Go where he had a thorough evaluation. After the evaluation I was skeptical, to say the least, especially having never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder (not as a parent or throughout my medical training). After a detailed explanation and some research, my son’s behavior was explained and made crystal clear. I was amazed that it all made sense and explained everything. After treatment, he was a completely different child. My other two children have attended the clinic and my youngest still does. Our family owes a lot to Ready Set Go and I can’t thank them enough! We were one of their very first patients and have referred countless other families over the many years. We always hear the same: Ready Set Go Therapy changed their family’s life, just like they did ours!”

Mark Lawler, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon & Parent

“Our son has sensory processing disorder and gross and fine motor issues. The Ready Set GO Therapy team are fabulous therapists as well as incredible, supportive individuals. Our son has improved enormously and loves going to Ready Set GO Therapy every week. The therapists are integral members of our son’s team and constantly collaborate with us. We are so grateful for all they have done to help our family and strongly recommend them to any family needing help”



“Ready Set GO Therapy is an excellent pediatric occupational therapy center. Their assessments are thorough and their treatments are sensitive to the individual needs of each child. Most importantly, Leigh, Jamie and the other therapists really care about the well-being of the kids and families they see. I frequently recommend their OT services to families in our community.”

Noah Kempler, MFT

Child and family psychotherapist and author of the book, Better Behavior: Helping Kids Create Change and Improve Relationships.

“When we were told that our son most likely had a speech delay and sensory processing disorder, fear, confusion, frustration were just some of the few emotions we experienced. We learned that our son’s sensory processing disorder was not only affecting his attention and arousal but also his ability to feel his body in space and most importantly his ability to learn.

We were skeptical as to the benefits of occupational therapy and reluctantly signed him up to get evaluated at Ready Set GO Therapy. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. When we first started Ready Set GO Therapy, our son ran on his tippy toes with his arms flailing behind him. He was constantly distracted and in a constant state of fight or flight. His fine motor skills prevented him from feeding himself, dressing himself, or even do a simple puzzle or hold a pencil.

I will never forget a specific day at Ready Set GO Therapy that not only made me a believer, but I knew that everything was going to be ok. His therapist sat my son on an “Aladdin looking magic carpet” hanging from a ceiling. She then placed a puzzle in front of him and started swinging and spinning. I thought that this was not only going to make him throw up, but he was going to throw all the puzzle pieces everywhere. Instead what I saw brought tears to my eyes. For the first time, our little son was calm, focused and was able to complete his first puzzle ever! What I witnessed was magic. It was hope. It was a validation that I wasn’t crazy and that with time and patience, everything was going to be ok.

I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for finding Ready Set GO Therapy. Anything I say won’t describe the eternal gratitude I feel towards them. Their help and constant support have not only set our child on a path to success, but they have helped us in all areas of our lives. They will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Rose Burrillo


“Ready Set Go has been an invaluable part of both of my daughter’s lives. My daughter’s have had extensive support and growth while going to RSG. As a parent, I can’t say enough positive things about the Occupational therapists support and level of care for our children. Our O.T. has gone above and beyond helping with suggestions to our family, teachers and our schools. She is/always has been the single most important member of my daughters IEP team and team of professionals.”


“Ready Set Go Therapy has been a wonderful resource for Marin County and Bay Area Families. Occupational therapists are highly knowledgeable, personable and work closely with parents and schools to ensure a comprehensive approach to each individual child. They have a great gym space, kids enjoy going and parents uniformly are pleased with the assessment and treatment results.”

Tina Gabby, MD

Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics

“When my son Tony began OT at Ready Set GO Therapy, nearly everything was a struggle. Everyday tasks like hair washing, getting dressed, sitting in a chair, holding a pencil, and eating dinner were challenging for him. Even fun things like playing games, building puzzles, and going to the playground usually ended in frustration. The effort involved in helping him get through the day was exhausting.

The therapists at Ready Set GO Therapy have patiently helped Tony become more independent, confident, and capable of expressing his needs and concerns – all while he has a super-fun time doing obstacle courses, crafts, and games. Tony’s therapists have also helped me as a parent, teaching me strategies and activities to make things easier at home. They have also been very willing to communicate with Tony’s teachers, helping them provide a more supportive environment for Tony at school. Tony is happy and enjoying himself – I am grateful for our experience at Ready Set GO Therapy!”



“Our son has sensory processing disorder and gross and fine motor issues. The Ready Set GO Therapy team are fabulous therapists as well as incredible, supportive individuals. Our son has improved enormously and loves going to Ready Set GO Therapy every week. The therapists are integral members of our son’s team and constantly collaborate with us. We are so grateful for all they have done to help our family and strongly recommend them to any family needing help.”


“I cannot speak highly enough of Ready Set GO Therapy. I find Jamie and Leigh not only supportive of the child, but of the family and school as well. Ready Set GO Therapy has done both parent and teacher education workshops at my campus which have proved extremely helpful in supporting the child who might benefit from OT. We are so fortunate to have them as a resource in our community.”

Alison Caprio

Early Childhood Educator

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