We know that kids naturally learn from each other. Our group sessions are dedicated to having fun and improving confidence in interacting with peers, while also benefiting from their example. With therapists carefully monitoring the group dynamics, each session is thoughtfully planned with the intention of ensuring each child feels successful and valued. As with all Ready Set GO Therapy services, play is at the heart of each group.

Friendship Explorations Outdoor Groups

Kids learn and grow so much from exploring their natural world.  This innovative group helps kids develop their social, motor, self-regulation and problem solving skills all while outside in beautiful Marin.

Feeding Groups

Kids who are picky eaters often experience high levels of stress when eating.  Working with peers helps add an element of fun, and children are often more willing to try something new in the context of a group.

School Readiness Groups

The preschool years offer a tremendous opportunity for children to develop the foundations they will need to succeed during the coming school years. Our school readiness groups focus on the development of communication skills, gross and fine motor strength and control, pre-writing skills, focus, and the ability to work with peers.

Social Groups

While working and playing with peers can be a joyful experience, it can also be a challenge and a source of stress. In our social groups, children learn specific strategies and apply them during fun and exciting activities that are adapted to meet each child’s sensory or communication needs. Children develop confidence in their interactions while mastering concepts alongside peers.

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