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➢ Schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation

Receive a phone call from one of our skilled Therapists to discuss the best approach for your child, receive answers to questions, and determine whether this setting is the right fit for you.

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➢ Is there a waiting list?

  • We typically have a waiting list for after school sessions, and often for earlier times, as well. If we are unable to accommodate your child for intervention on a regular basis at a time that works for your family’s schedule, you may opt to put your child on a waiting list for services. After completing an initial phone consultation to discuss the presenting areas of concern, informational materials will be sent immediately about the clinic and services that we offer. We understand that a timely response is important and will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.
  • Families will be contacted in the order their request was received, and based on individual availability.
  • Flexibility is important. If a time is available that you cannot accommodate, the next person on the list will be contacted. You will remain at the top of the list for the next available time.

➢ Planning for your first session

What should I tell my child about why we are coming to OT?

  • For an evaluation, we often tell children that it “is a chance to show off the things that they already know how to do, as well as to show us what things they are still learning”. Let your child know that he or she will be doing some things with hands while sitting at the table, and some things with the whole body. At the end, your child will be allowed to select some things to try out in the gym space, like swinging or climbing.
  • If your child is feeling nervous about the first session, you can let him or her know that “many children come to here to help them “learn new things with their muscles”/”learn new ways to calm their bodies”/”get ready for Kindergarten”. Children often pick up on the emotions of others; a positive and relaxed approach is best. Once your child arrives, he or she will see that this is a fun environment where every child feels accepted and supported!

What should my child wear?

  • Clothing that is well fitted to the child’s body, casual (active wear), and seasonable will be appropriate. Your child may be invited to participate in messy play. Shoes are not permitted on areas with mats.

How long is the session?

  • Evaluations typically last 2 hours. You are welcome to pack a snack for your child if you think it would be helpful.
  • Treatment sessions are 50 minutes long, with 10 minutes blocked off for transition, preparation, and documentation.

Do I need to stay for the session?

  • Whether the parent stays for the session is dependent upon what is best for your child. The parent is not required to stay for sessions unless it is determined to be the best situation for your child. Our evaluation room has a large window which allows for checking without disturbing the session. Our gym also has an open format in which parents can easily hear or visually check in from the waiting room, while still allowing your child to have their own “kid power” space.

➢ Payment and Insurance Information

  • Payment is due on a monthly basis. Payment options include credit (MasterCard, Visa or American Express), debit, or check. Cash will also be accepted if exact change is given, as we do not keep cash readily available as change.
  • Ready Set GO Therapy, Inc. does not bill insurance. However, we will provide information needed to assist in receiving reimbursement, based on your individual policies.
  • Ready Set GO Therapy has limited Kaiser contracts. Referral, evaluation, qualifying determination, and establishment of goals must be completed by Kaiser.
  • Tips for billing insurance:
    • Do reference the work that occupational therapy will be doing to improve fine motor and gross motor skills needed for safety within all environments and independence with age-appropriate self-help tasks.
    • Do not reference “Sensory Integration”, as this can be a red flag for denial by some insurance companies.

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