Rose Burrillo

“When we were told that our son most likely had a speech delay and sensory processing disorder, fear, confusion, frustration were just some of the few emotions we experienced. We learned that our son’s sensory processing disorder was not only affecting his attention and arousal but also his ability to feel his body in space and most importantly his ability to learn.

We were skeptical as to the benefits of occupational therapy and reluctantly signed him up to get evaluated at Ready Set GO, Therapy. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. When we first started Ready Set GO Therapy, our son ran on his tippy toes with his arms flailing behind him. He was constantly distracted and in a constant state of fight or flight. His fine motor skills prevented him from feeding himself, dressing himself, or even do a simple puzzle or hold a pencil.

I will never forget a specific day at Ready Set GO Therapy that not only made me a believer, but I knew that everything was going to be ok. His therapist sat my son on an “Aladdin looking magic carpet” hanging from a ceiling. She then placed a puzzle in front of him and started swinging and spinning. I thought that this was not only going to make him throw up, but he was going to throw all the puzzle pieces everywhere. Instead what I saw brought tears to my eyes. For the first time, our little son was calm, focused and was able to complete his first puzzle ever! What I witnessed was magic. It was hope. It was a validation that I wasn’t crazy and that with time and patience, everything was going to be ok.

I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for finding Ready Set GO Therapy. Anything I say won’t describe the eternal gratitude I feel towards them. Their help and constant support have not only set our child on a path to success, but they have helped us in all areas of our lives. They will always hold a special place in my heart.”

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