“When my son Tony began OT at Ready Set GO Therapy, nearly everything was a struggle. Everyday tasks like hair washing, getting dressed, sitting in a chair, holding a pencil, and eating dinner were challenging for him. Even fun things like playing games, building puzzles, and going to the playground usually ended in frustration. The effort involved in helping him get through the day was exhausting.

The therapists at Ready Set GO Therapy have patiently helped Tony become more independent, confident, and capable of expressing his needs and concerns – all while he has a super-fun time doing obstacle courses, crafts, and games. Tony’s therapists have also helped me as a parent, teaching me strategies and activities to make things easier at home. They have also been very willing to communicate with Tony’s teachers, helping them provide a more supportive environment for Tony at school. Tony is happy and enjoying himself – I am grateful for our experience at Ready Set GO Therapy!”

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